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Avegaile Calzado consulting photo


Supporting people and organizational development and wellbeing. 
Contributing to social impact.

I am an experienced leadership and well-being consultant and facilitator. I bring 30+ combined training and experience supporting and facilitating individual and group development and wellbeing.

I offer consulting and professional services on people and organizational development as well as change management. 


I also design and deliver customizable webinars, workshops, and retreats on related topics.

Some of my credentials:

  • Master of Arts in Professional Communication, Royal Roads University

  • Master of Arts in Transformative Leadership, Saint Paul University


  • Certified Transformation Life Coach

  • Trained in Adult and Learning-Centered Pedagogies

  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

  • Expressive Arts Facilitator

  • Insight Meditation (Vipassana) Practitioner


"Our leadership begins the moment we become aware of who we really are and how we carry ourselves in relation to others in the spaces we occupy."

- Avegaile 


I see well-being as more than experiencing physical wellness. I define well-being as being in our flow, in a state of connection with our body, mind, and heart, in the full expression of our inner capabilities as individuals and authentic Self. Essentially, I define well-being as possessing and expressing our capacities for self-actualization, selfhood, and self-leadership.


I believe cultivating our well-being as individuals is key to promoting the well-being of our planet, starting with ourselves and how we show up in the social systems and structures within which we operate in, for example, our teams, organizations, and communities. 

I also believe in equity and justice. We can contribute to equity by noticing the abundance of all types of resources available to us, opening our minds and hearts, and taking action accordingly. And, we can contribute to justice when we realize each other's uniqueness, our talents, our gifts, and how we can all thrive together. 


Finally, I believe well-being can be made available and accessible to all regardless of financial means, class, race, or gender. 

Inspired by my mission and beliefs as well as many years of related training and experiences, I developed my approach for supporting people and organizational development and wellbeing.

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My approach to people and organizational development and wellbeing is based on systems thinking, integration, embodiment, and experiential learning.

Systems Thinking

I design solutions for individuals, groups, and organizations that consider the big picture, i.e., the systems, structures, and relationships within them.


I draw from interdisciplinary and scientific research, proven methodology, as well as ancient practices related to communication and leadership studies, psychology, humanities, mindfulness, meditation, expressive arts therapy, spirituality, and Hatha Yoga.



I design my coaching sessions, webinars, workshops, and retreats so that they engage the participants' entire being, i.e., their physical body, mind, and heart. As such, the learning happens through cognitive processing as well as through sensory and motor experiences.


I design my coaching sessions, webinars, workshops, and retreats so that the participants learn the concepts I present through their own reflection and experience.

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