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Workbook: How To Manage And Prevent Work-Related Stress

Stress can sometimes get the best of us. This free workbook offers tips and simple exercises to help you manage and prevent stress. Learn to relax, take care of yourself, and show up as your best!

Workbook: Reflection and Meditation on Cultivating Self-Compassion

What do you say to yourself when you make mistakes? Will you repeat the same thing to your best friend, any of your loved ones, or even a total stranger? 

If you are someone who has regular, repeated negative thoughts of self-judgment, criticism, shame, guilt, unworthiness, etc., this workbook will show you how to practice self-compassion and become your own best friend.

Worksheet: Know and Do What YOU Really Want

What really matters to you? What makes you happy at your job and with the work that you do?

Find satisfaction and happiness at your job and the work you do each day.


This free worksheet and the exercise will guide you step-by-step on how to honour and take action on your work values. 

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