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A 5-week Communication, Leadership, and Well-Being Program especially designed for working-level professionals

Thursdays, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT, May 5-June 2, 2022

Promote healthy organizational culture and employee well-being

A healthy organizational culture supports employee development and well-being and ensures everyone can thrive, stays energized, and become the best version of themselves. A healthy organizational culture also helps retain highly skilled, motivated, and performing employees.

Program description

The program consists of five workshops designed to enable working-level professionals to express their ultimate well-being by helping them build and improve their inner and interpersonal capacities for communication and self-leadership. The workshops are held weekly via an online platform.

Each week focuses on building skills on the following topics:

Week 1: Self-awareness, work values, and vision

Week 2: Strategic decision-making, effective time management, goals and priorities setting

Week 3: Expressing oneself clearly and authentically 

Week 4: Listening and effective interactive communication

Week 5: Emotional intelligence and well-being

Each week participants will receive related tools designed to help them integrate and apply their learnings and insights, e.g., workbooks, journals, guided self-reflective and embodiment exercises, etc., based on interdisciplinary and scientific research, and proven methodology on communication and leadership development as well as psychology and well-being practices such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and expressive arts.

In addition to the weekly workshops, there will also be weekly discussion circles where participants can connect with members of their cohort and deepen their learnings and insights.

Instructor Bio

Accepting registration for the May 5-June 2, 2022 Cohort.



 For maximum interaction and to maintain an intimate space for learning and discussion, the program is limited to 24 people per cohort. 


Cancellation fees:

14 days prior to the start of the program: $350

less than 14 days: $500

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