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Are you a working woman professional who wants to get out of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed about your work?



5 Steps For Becoming An Authentic Woman Leader
HEART Practice

A 5-week virtual program designed for women who want to embark on the HEART Practice, a journey of personal and professional transformations so that they can embody and express their authenticity, well-being, and leadership at work

Each week we will explore each of the five steps of the
HEART Practice and how it applies to your personal and professional life.

Step 1. How to Honour your values and vision
Step 2. How to
Embrace your goals and priorities
Step 3. How to
Attend to your needs, wants, thoughts, and feelings
Step 4: How to
Reach out to others
Step 5: How to
Take care of yourself

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Imagine what it would be like ...


... to get out of the overwhelm, to get out feeling anxious, and stressed about your workload, work deadlines, and performance results.

... to take charge of how your day will unfold

... being able to conduct authentic and clear your conversations with your manager, immediate supervisor, and colleagues

... being able to express what you need and want, and say “no” easily to extraneous work demands without feeling guilty or ashamed.

... walking away from every conversation you engage in feeling well and happy about how you asserted yourself and how you managed the conversation


Imagine feeling well, satisfied, and happy with the work that you do and how you spend your waking hours. 

Learn about the HEART Practice so you can




Week 1: Workshop on Honouring your values and vision


During week 1 we will focus on deepening self-awareness, identifying and connecting with your vision and values so that you can manage the sources of your dissatisfaction, anxiety, and stress and figure out how to be satisfied and happy with the work that you engage in. 


Week 2: Workshop on Embracing your goals and priorities


During week 2 we will focus on developing strategic decision-making, effective planning and time management skills. You will learn how to notice the connections between your work values, set related work goals and priorities, and pay attention to how you use your time and energy so that your motivations and expectations would be clear to you.

Week 3: Workshop on Attending to your needs, wants, thoughts, and feelings


During week 3 we will focus on helping you develop the vocabulary and skills you require to express yourself clearly and authentically. You will learn how to identify and connect with your needs, wants, thoughts, and feelings. You will also learn about different communication styles so that you can develop awareness and understanding of the verbal and non-verbal messages you employ when you communicate with others.

Week 4: Workshop on Reaching out to others


During week 4 we will look at tools you need to be able to communicate clearly and authentically with others. We will focus on developing active listening and effective interactive communication skills. You will learn how to communicate your needs, wants, thoughts, and feelings so that you can walk away from every work conversations you engage in feeling satisfied and happy with the way you managed the conversation. It is designed to help you conduct clear and effective conversations that respect what matters to you and everyone involved.

Week 5: Workshop on how to Take care of yourself

During week 5 we will focus on developing emotional intelligence and practicing self-leadership. You will learn how to identify and establish your personal boundaries and limits, manage your work goals and priorities, and protect your most important resources—your time, energy, and well-being.


Each week you will receive related tools, e.g., workbooks, journals, guided self-reflective exercises, etc. The tools are based on scientifically proven methods and well-being practices such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and expressive arts, and are especially designed to help you integrate your learnings and insights.

The workshops are scheduled every Tuesday over a five-week period

May 2, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2022

Each session is 2 hours long and held from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM EDT 

Are you ready to connect deeply with your body, mind, and heart so that you can express who you really are, experience the best version of yourself, and be the leader that you want to be?


Register by April 19, 2022


Equivalent to at least 50% discount!

In addition to to the five week program (value $499), you will also get the following:


Pass for one 2-hour facilitated workshop (value $99)


Pass for a half-day retreat (value of $400)





Access to live Q&A sessions for 3 months (priceless)

Access to a private discussion circle (priceless)


Takes steps toward expressing your authentic self, becoming your own leader, and promoting your ultimate well-being. 



            1 payment of $499            



          6 payments of $99          


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I value inclusivity, equity, and social justice. I believe resources related to well-being can be made available and accessible to all regardless of financial means, class, race, or gender. Limited full and half scholarships are available to women who feel they may benefit from the course but do not have adequate financial resources to participate. If you are an interested individual or representing a non-profit organization that helps women, feel free to contact me for details about the scholarships.


Save 15% when you sign up with a friend or 25% when you sign up with a group of at least five participants. 


Because I sincerely care to contribute to your development and well-being, your investment comes with my 100% money back guarantee. You can sign up and try the HEART Practice. If after all the sincere efforts you put into learning the materials and following the practice, during the 7-day trial period you realize the HEART Practice is not for you, please let me know and I will return all your money back. 


If you have any question about the HEART Practice or with your registration, please connect with me.

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