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One-on-One Coaching

Are you currently navigating career and/or life transitions?

I'll meet you where you are at and will customize my approach to best respond to your needs and desired results.


Together, we'll develop a strategy towards realizing your vision of success. 

Step 1: FREE Introductory Session (20 minutes)

This is a no commitment, free introductory session dedicated to learning more about you, your desires, and your challenges. If we both feel that I may be able to support you, we'll move to Step 2.

Step 2: FREE Clarity Session (60 minutes)

Again, this is a no commitment, free session (about 60 minutes). We will use our time together to discuss your current state, delve deeper into your needs, wants, and challenges, and explore your desired results from coaching. Based on our discussion, I will give you one or two transformative practices to support your reflection and to help you gain clarity on what you really want to, achieve, or become. After completing the practices and you feel called to continue your coaching journey with me, we'll move to Step 3.

Step 3: FREE Planning Session (30-60 minutes)

I will send you a proposal outlining how we can work together towards your desired result. After reviewing my proposal and you feel that you may want to work with me, you can arrange a free planning session with me. We'll use our time together to answer any questions you may have, discuss any modifications, and if we are both satisfied with the plan, we'll formalize our coaching agreement.

My Transformative Coaching Package


12X 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom

Email support for 12 weeks

Worksheets and journals

1X 60-minute follow-up session via Zoom (within 3 months of finishing the program)

Let's start with an introductory session!

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